All of your comments made me smile. Thank you so much! I can’t wait for all of you to read Breaking Shaun! ❤

I’m giving out two ARC copies of Breaking Shaun to two lucky winners!!

All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me why you’re excited to read Shaun’s story! I’ll choose a winner later this week! (right before I send them out!!)




breaking shaun wrap





  1. Why am I excited? The question is Why wouldn’t I be excited? I LOVE Freeing Asia! She was fearless and independent and so strong! And Shaun… I think he can both just like Asia e the complete opposite of her, IDK… and the sneak peaks are awesome! I’ve been waiting this book since before finishing reading Freeing Asia. =D (this one and Jay’s book! Seriously, I can’t wait for his story).
    Either way, getting the ARC or not, I cannot wait for Breaking Shaun! I know it won’t disappoint me!

  2. I would love to read this one, It looks amazing and with your bad ass writing skills, I’m sure it’s going to be….

  3. It’s always soooooo much fun to watch the player fall in love, and I have a feeling that Shaun will fall oh so hard!! Then of course there are all those awesome sneak peeks!!! I have a feeling that this book is gonna ROCK!!!! So excited and can’t wait for it to come out!!!!!

  4. My answer is simple: Because it’s Shaun!!! Well, and, because you wrote it and I crazy-fan-girled all over Breaking Asia, so I’m sure I’ll crazy-fan-girl all over Shaun, too ❤

  5. I fell in love with Shaun when I read Freeing Asia. I found myself wanting to here more about him so when I found out his book was next I started to think sexy thoughts. Those thoughts have just increased by all the teasers you have been posting. I can not wait to read how Shaun finally get tamed. I need Shaun now not sure I can wait till the 27th

  6. I read Freeing Asia about two months ago.. I was in a “reader’s slump”, nothing I read stood out to me. Then I saw Freeing Asia recommended on a FB page I frequent & I was NOT disappointed. I was absolutely absorbed into the book! I loved it, and I can not wait to get my hands on Breaking Shaun! I can’t wait to see Natalie & Shaun’s story come to life in your book.

  7. Well, he seems to have a very dirty mouth and mind 😀 And I’m a sucker that 😀 I hope I assume right about his dirty mouth 😉

  8. Why because it will be a hot, steamy book just like Freeing Asia! This will probably be my only book again this year that I read. Freeing Asia was the one and only book last year! It rocked and I’m sure the new book will ROCK just as much. I’m excited to read Breaking Shaun!

  9. My dream since child was to get married to a Japanese..well I’ll be happy to “settle” for halp-jap Shaun!

  10. Why? Whhhyyy? Probably because Freeing Asia is one of maybe 10 books that I’ve read more than five times, purely because it’s that easy to read. Not easy as in the writing is easy or the story is easy, but because it’s the first book I had read in ages that I could really relate to. Every part of it. From the characters to the story, right down to the length of the book and the freaking superb editing (typos make my eye twitch), it was just perfect and I can’t freaking wait to dive into Shaun’s brain. But either way, hell, I’ll gladly pay for this book knowing it won’t disappoint. Not possible.

  11. Why am I excited…oh well it could just be because Freeing Asia was FU*KIN AMAZING so how can ANYTHING you write NOT be! 😊 Straight and to the point ha

  12. Loveddddd Freeing Asia and all the I’ve seen Breaking Shaun, yum, I can’t wait! Gorgeous covers by the way…Great writing! Can’t wait!

  13. I would love to win a copy because I would write a special review since Freeing Asia was so juicy. I am anxiously waiting to read Shaun’s story. Your teasers have really made me want to read it…NOW.

  14. Let see…I would love to win this ARC simply because it’s SHAUN!!!! Been a fan since Freeing Asia and been waiting patiently to read Shaun’s book…. I’m ready for the angst, sexual tension, chemistry and all the craziness Shaun has in store for us!! ❤

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