Breaking Shaun~Unedited Sneak Peek

            This bitch is crazy.

“So… why didn’t you call me?” she shrieked into the phone as I held it away from my ear.

I could have sworn I felt it vibrate in my hand.

This was exactly why I didn’t give out my number. So I didn’t have to deal with phone calls like this one. Except this bitch knew where I worked and she had actually tracked me down at Marcus’s shop just to give me shit for not calling her. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember what she looked like. She said her name was Jamie but that didn’t mean shit to me. All I knew was she was yelling in my ear and pissing me the fuck off.

“Why the fuck would I call you?” I asked as I leaned back in my chair, staring at the white ceiling in my office.

“What do you mean, ‘why the fuck would I call you?’ because you fucked me! That’s why!”

I held the phone even further from my ear that time and contemplated hanging up on her. This always happened. No matter how careful I was about avoiding these situations there was always some crazy bitch who thought I owed her something just because she’d willingly spread her legs for me.

“I’m pretty sure it takes two people to fuck. So why don’t you stop acting like you did me a favor and I owe you somethin’. We fucked. We got off. Now move on.”

There was silence on the other end, well, except for the heavy breathing.

She finally responded, “You. Are. An. ASSHOLE!”

The phone definitely vibrated that time. Then she hung up.

I sighed before hitting the end button and putting the phone back on my desk. Crazy fuckin’ bitches.

Yes, there were a lot of people in the world who thought I was an asshole and that was okay with me. But the truth was, I just didn’t tell people what they wanted to hear. Yeah, I knew how to sweet talk my way into a woman’s panties but I never filled them with false hope. I never promised them I’d be their boyfriend and take them out on dates. When I made promises I always kept them and the most I’d ever promised a woman was multiple orgasms. That’s it. Nothing more. And if they expected it then that was their problem, their mistake, not mine. But somehow I still always ended up the asshole and they were the victims. Bullshit.

It pissed me off how women would act like they didn’t like getting fucked just as much as I liked fucking them. Even though, just hours before they were under me screaming at me to go harder and faster, loving every second of it. They were the assholes. Not me.




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